RSF Democratic Club January Meeting: Beach cities politics Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar

Come meet and dialogue with elected officials
from Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar
as they discuss the problems these communities face
and the political process through which problems are engaged.
Our distinguished panel:
• Lisa Shaffer, Encinitas City Council  
• Tony Kranz, Encinitas City Council
• Lesa Heebner, Mayor of Solana Beach and SANDAG rep
• Mike Nichols, Solana Beach City Council
• Sherryl Parks, Deputy Mayor of Del Mar
• Lee Haydu, Former Mayor of Del Mar

Each of our guests will brief us on issues facing their communities
on the political complexities of nominally non-partisan local government
and on opportunities for civic engagement –– plus extended Q&A.
All politics is local, but small-city politics is hyper-local.
The city councils of these three beach cities make decisions
that influence the quality of life for their residents and visitors
and for North County more generally.
The monthly meetings of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club always attract elected officials, political candidates, political activists, and political junkies.  Friendly atmosphere.  Great snacks.  Join us.

WHEN: Thursday January 22, 6:30 PM
WHERE: Lomas Santa Fe Country Club
1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach

RSVP, renew your membership, or pay online here for the January 22nd monthly meeting.

Change of Date: RSF Democratic Club Holiday Party Dec 18, 2014

Please complete the RSVP form below to confirm your attendance at the 2014 Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club Holiday party on Thursday, December 18th, 6:00-9:00 PM. so that we may include your name on the gate list. Also, please enter guest names accompanying you in the Note field. We look forward to seeing you again!


San Diego County Democrats: Holiday Party

After a long election year, it's important to celebrate our victories and thank all of our candidates and volunteers. Our County Party's annual holiday event is the perfect time for our Democratic community to get together and look forward to next year's progress. 


I hope you'll join me, our candidates and elected officials, and supporters to come together for the holidays! Please save the date for our upcoming holiday party: 

Sunday, December 14, 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
At the Riverwalk Golf Club, 1150 Fashion Valley Rd., San Diego 92108
Tickets: $30 (purchase here)

The centrally located Riverwalk offers sweeping views of the the San Diego River. Your ticket covers appetizers, a taco-building station, dessert, beverages, and a festive gathering among fellow Democrats.

You can RSVP today at or view a flyer for the event here. I look forward to celebrating the season with you!


Francine Busby
Chair, San Diego County Democratic Party

P.S.: We will be collecting nonperishable food items at this event to distribute among those in need throughout county. You can view a list of recommended items here.  

College Dems Join us September 25th with Congressman Scott Peters.

FREE: Join Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club for a Special Night with Congressman Scott Peters.

Snacks included:)) RSVP Here.

Photo: College Dems you are invited to hear Congressman Scott Peters.

The November Election: Key High-Stake Races

The November Election:


The Board of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club has identified three key competitive, high-stakes San Diego-area races where our support can make a difference between now and November 4.


•  U.S. CONGRESS, 52nd District

Scott Peters (D) vs. Carl DeMaio (R)

At stake: One of the most hotly contested House seats in the country



Carol Kim (D) vs. Chris Cate (R)

At stake: Veto-proof Dem majority to block Republican Mayor Faulconer










Olga Diaz (D) vs. Sam Abed (R)

At stake: The future of North County politics, Bill Horn, Darrell Issa


Our regular September and October Club meetings will double as fund-raising events for these special candidates.  As usual, RSFD Club members will pay $15 and guests $25.  After hearing our candidates, we hope many of you will make additional contributions to support their campaigns.

Voter Fraud Fantasy

 Voter Fraud is a Fantasy: 


"A study published by The Washington Post found only 31 different incidents of voter fraud since 2000 that an ID law could fix. During that same time, more than a billion ballots have been cast in general and primary elections alone.


The study by Justin Levitt, an expert in constitutional law, found those 31 incidents also represent claims, and some have not even been investigated or prosecuted (and could therefore be debunked). Those 31 potential incidents stack up against the 3,000 votes in the four states with strict ID laws that have been rejected for lack of ID." Attribute to Daily Beast 


See Full Article Here. 

(Courtesy of Lyn Muto) 




"URGENT CALL TO ACTION:  The November midterm elections are quickly approaching and the California Democratic Party needs your help to prevent Tea Party extremism!  Congressman Scott Peters (D-52) is embattled in one of the top five toss-up national races against Tea Party Extremist Carl DeMaio.

Council to Review Minimum Wage Proposal on Monday

Council to Review Minimum Wage Proposal on Monday

Last week a committee of the San Diego City Council approved a plan backed by Council President Todd Gloria that would provide five earned sick days and increase the city's minimum wage.

This proposal would help hard-working San Diegans make ends meet, since no one working full-time should have to live in poverty. On Monday, the full City Council will consider it for the first time. 

Please call the councilmembers to voice your support for this important effort to improve economic conditions and the quality of life throughout our region, or attend the City Council meeting on Monday, June 16, at 2:00 p.m. at City Hall (202 "C" St., 12th Floor, San Diego 92101).

ACTION/ALERT: Thanking American Veterans with Proper Heath Care


We take inspiration this week from those who say that rather than merely thanking American veterans we call Congress this week to express our extreme displeasure at:

  1. The lack of proper health care veterans are receiving from the VA;
  2. The fact that this country deports veterans.

Draft Bylaw Change Proposal to be voted on January 23rd, 2014




The name of this organization shall be the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club.