Cinco de Mayo Reception supporting Supervisor Dave Roberts, Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 5:30 – 7:30 PM


The Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club together with Michael and Laurie Gelfand will host a Cinco de Mayo Reception supporting Supervisor Dave Roberts, Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 5:30 – 7:30 PM, at the Gelfand home (address given upon RSVP).

With voter-approved term limits for Supervisors taking effect in 2018, Dave Roberts will be facing his last term when re-elected next year. San Diego County cannot afford to lose the continuity that this District 3 Supervisor represents. Additionally, during his first term of office, Roberts has demonstrated an adept combination of progressive values and effective cooperation with his fellow Supervisors.

RSVP to Kelli or Sydnie at (619) 239-1721 or Suggested Minimum Contribution $150. Maximum: $750. RSF Democratic Club Members: $100. Checks payable to: Re-elect Supervisor Dave Roberts. 2016. Mail checks to: C/O Gary Crummitt, 525 E. Seaside Way, Suite 101c, Long Beach, CA 90802 or pay online at

(Political contributions are not tax deductible. County law permits only personal contributions and limits contributions to $750 per individual, $1500 per couple, per election. Spouses may write separate checks or one check signed by both spouses if the check exceeds $750. Contributions from any registered lobbyist with the County of San Diego are prohibited. State law prohibits reimbursing donors for their contributions.)

RSFD APRIL 9 MEETING. Our Water Crisis: Environmental, Economic, and Political Impacts

Our Water Crisis:
Environmental, Economic, and Political Impacts

  Drought In California

The long-running California drought is one of the biggest environmental crises of our time.  A panel of top experts will address the severity of the drought, its impact on the environment, the potential economic implications, and our political and personal options. The panel includes:

Nicole Capretz, an environmental attorney and Executive Director of the Climate Action Campaign, who will address water and the drought in the context of San Diego’s overall environmental goals.  She bikes to work.

RSVP: Confirm your attendance and pay here.

The 35th Annual Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt Dinner

The San Diego County Democratic Party Requests the Pleasure of Your Company At
The 35th Annual Eleanor and Franklin D. Roosevelt Dinner

Saturday, April 11, 2014
Hilton San Diego Bayfront
One Park Boulevard, San Diego 92101

6:00 p.m. Reception & Silent Auction  7:00 Dinner and Program

Honorary Chair: Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber

Leadership Award: Jessica Hayes  Making a Difference Award: Michael Johnson  Volunteer of the Year: Chris Ward
Legislator of the Year: Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez  Club of the Year: Lake San Marcos Democratic Club
Chair’s Awards: Richard Barrera, Jeff Benesch, Marcy & Jeffrey Krinsk, Jeanette Peck

RSF members ask to be seated at RSF Dem Tables when they RSVP online.
Reserve your place at

College Dems Join us September 25th with Congressman Scott Peters.

FREE: Join Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club for a Special Night with Congressman Scott Peters.

Snacks included:)) RSVP Here.

Photo: College Dems you are invited to hear Congressman Scott Peters.

Voter Fraud Fantasy

 Voter Fraud is a Fantasy: 


"A study published by The Washington Post found only 31 different incidents of voter fraud since 2000 that an ID law could fix. During that same time, more than a billion ballots have been cast in general and primary elections alone.


The study by Justin Levitt, an expert in constitutional law, found those 31 incidents also represent claims, and some have not even been investigated or prosecuted (and could therefore be debunked). Those 31 potential incidents stack up against the 3,000 votes in the four states with strict ID laws that have been rejected for lack of ID." Attribute to Daily Beast 


See Full Article Here. 

(Courtesy of Lyn Muto) 




"URGENT CALL TO ACTION:  The November midterm elections are quickly approaching and the California Democratic Party needs your help to prevent Tea Party extremism!  Congressman Scott Peters (D-52) is embattled in one of the top five toss-up national races against Tea Party Extremist Carl DeMaio.

ACTION/ALERT: Thanking American Veterans with Proper Heath Care


We take inspiration this week from those who say that rather than merely thanking American veterans we call Congress this week to express our extreme displeasure at:

  1. The lack of proper health care veterans are receiving from the VA;
  2. The fact that this country deports veterans.

Draft Bylaw Change Proposal to be voted on January 23rd, 2014




The name of this organization shall be the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club.



Republicans have worked tirelessly to sabotage the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, holding innumerable meaningless hearings and voting some 47 times to repeal the law. They have denied the funds necessary to support the extra work required as a result of the Republican controlled states refusal to create their own insurance exchanges. Doing their share to thwart the law’s implementation, Republican led states have refused to expand (federally funded) Medicaid to their citizens and have passed laws to hinder the work of the ACA navigators. If the Republicans want to blame someone for the painfully slow ACA rollout they might start by looking in the mirror. More in DIRECT, the free weekly eZine for Democrats, at

Shutdown Strategy Fail

The GOP’s recent shutdown strategy, which has driven the Republican brand into the ground, was simply a continuation of the unprecedented campaign of GOP obstructionism which began on the day of Obama's first inauguration. The latest legislative skirmish was lead by Republicans who believe that shutting down the government in order to undermine Obamacare was a strategy worth pursuing.