RSFD MARCH MEETING: Roundtable Discussions of Political Topics of Interest to Our members


Roundtable discussions of political topics of interest to our members


The March 12 meeting of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club

will feature roundtable discussions of selected political topics

of interest to our members.


This format will provide opportunity for participants to share thoughts and opinions

on the important issues of the day.


The March meeting also will include the Election of Officers for 2015.

Discussion topics will include:

          1.  Will America's new oil glut accelerate global climate change?

          2.  Edward Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

          3.  Cyber security:  Do we need more regulation?

          4.  Key local races in 2016

The monthly meetings of the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club always attract elected officials, political candidates, political activists, and political junkies.  Friendly atmosphere.  Great snacks.  Join us.  Bring a friend.  All North County welcome.

WHEN:      Thursday March 12, 6:30 PM

WHERE:   Lomas Santa Fe Country Club 1505 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, Solana Beach

COST:       $15 for members; $25 for guests

RSVP, renew your membership, or pay online here for the March  12th monthly meeting.

College Dems Join us September 25th with Congressman Scott Peters.

FREE: Join Rancho Santa Fe Dem Club for a Special Night with Congressman Scott Peters.

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Photo: College Dems you are invited to hear Congressman Scott Peters.

Voter Fraud Fantasy

 Voter Fraud is a Fantasy: 


"A study published by The Washington Post found only 31 different incidents of voter fraud since 2000 that an ID law could fix. During that same time, more than a billion ballots have been cast in general and primary elections alone.


The study by Justin Levitt, an expert in constitutional law, found those 31 incidents also represent claims, and some have not even been investigated or prosecuted (and could therefore be debunked). Those 31 potential incidents stack up against the 3,000 votes in the four states with strict ID laws that have been rejected for lack of ID." Attribute to Daily Beast 


See Full Article Here. 

(Courtesy of Lyn Muto) 




"URGENT CALL TO ACTION:  The November midterm elections are quickly approaching and the California Democratic Party needs your help to prevent Tea Party extremism!  Congressman Scott Peters (D-52) is embattled in one of the top five toss-up national races against Tea Party Extremist Carl DeMaio.

ACTION/ALERT: Thanking American Veterans with Proper Heath Care


We take inspiration this week from those who say that rather than merely thanking American veterans we call Congress this week to express our extreme displeasure at:

  1. The lack of proper health care veterans are receiving from the VA;
  2. The fact that this country deports veterans.

Draft Bylaw Change Proposal to be voted on January 23rd, 2014




The name of this organization shall be the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club.



Republicans have worked tirelessly to sabotage the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, holding innumerable meaningless hearings and voting some 47 times to repeal the law. They have denied the funds necessary to support the extra work required as a result of the Republican controlled states refusal to create their own insurance exchanges. Doing their share to thwart the law’s implementation, Republican led states have refused to expand (federally funded) Medicaid to their citizens and have passed laws to hinder the work of the ACA navigators. If the Republicans want to blame someone for the painfully slow ACA rollout they might start by looking in the mirror. More in DIRECT, the free weekly eZine for Democrats, at

Shutdown Strategy Fail

The GOP’s recent shutdown strategy, which has driven the Republican brand into the ground, was simply a continuation of the unprecedented campaign of GOP obstructionism which began on the day of Obama's first inauguration. The latest legislative skirmish was lead by Republicans who believe that shutting down the government in order to undermine Obamacare was a strategy worth pursuing.

Which do Republicans hate more - poison gas or Obama?

Republicans protested when Obama threatened to bomb Syria without congressional approval while others criticized him for seeking congressional approval. Some complained that Obama’s use-of-force resolution is too broad while others argue that it would amount to only a “pinprick.” Some assert that he should have intervened long ago while others say that he has not yet made the case for intervening. Others told him not to go to the United Nations then scolded him for not pursuing multilateral action.

Supreme Court Affirms Gay Marriage

Today the Supreme Court reaffirmed our collective faith in the wisdom and fundamental fairness of the Constitution.  In striking down DOMA, the so called Defense of Marriage Act, and by rejecting the Appeal of Prop 8, the court acknowledged that loving someone does not harm unaffiliated persons.  It acknowledged that preventing LGTB couples from marrying is clearly a denial of their equal rights.  From the perspective of justice, these decisions seem obvious.  To me personally, having a gay daughter, the decisions are momentous.  These decisions are a validation of my daughter and daughter